What is IdeaKit?

IdeaKit is a hands-on learning tool for all students and teachers!
IdeaKit provides an engaging selection of graphic organizers and learning templates that students of all levels and abilities can use as they work through concepts and topics presented in the Common Core standards or curriculum in ANY content area.
Students can work individually or in groups to organize and clarify their thinking about a topic or concept, show their understanding, and reflect on their learning in the classroom.
Teachers can use the work students do in IdeaKit as an assessment tool to gain instant feedback about their students' understanding of standards, topics, and concepts presented in class. Teachers can also use this app to complete graphic organizers and templates with the entire class or large groups by connecting their iPad to a projection device or TV, or using a mirroring application like Reflector or Airserver.
+Students can select, use, and edit their graphic organizers at any time.
+All organizers are date and time stamped.
+Student work can be exported to Dropbox, or the iPad photo album from where it can be printed.

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